Wednesday, September 19, 2007

mmmmmm.....gamma lasers.......

An article at NewScientist talks about the possibility of creating a powerful gamma ray laser using exotic molecules made up of electrons and the antimatter particle positron.  These form an "atom" similar to hydrogen called positronium (Ps). Two of these can combine to form a molecule (Ps2).


These molecules could theoretically be merged together in a "super-atom" condensate and would thereby decay in short bursts releasing gamma rays. I think it is a bit of a stretch to see this as the next super-weapon anytime soon, but the idea of creating a gamma-ray laser makes my mind explode (pun intended - thanks for laughing). There would be so much energy in a gamma-ray laser! The article says there would be a MILLION times more energy in a gamma-ray laser than a conventional laser. A MILLION times!!! Holy obliterating power batman. 

Seriously, whoever is doing this research has some major fascination with dying (because one wrong push of the button would pretty much destroy the lab and surrounding area instantly).  Now, how can I get a job working with  a gamma-ray laser?!?