Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Potato People

So I don't post quite as often as my wife. In fact, I've posted so infrequently that Chris has placed me on his junk links. That's ok... I'll forgive him (but maybe not for hurting my fantasy record...).

But to the point of this post. I recently finished harvesting and grading the potatoes I've spent all year growing. Some of the trials looked pretty good. Others didn't. One study in a particular field in Minidoka county looked really bad. You see, when you grow potatoes, you want them to look like the ones you buy in the store. Moderate size, no disease, no green, and most importantly, a uniform shape and conformity.

Well, while we were grading this particular field, many of the plots had absolutely no potatoes that could be classified as US#1 (the prime classification for a potato). That is very odd. But what that meant for my crew is we could guess what the potato was trying to look like. You see, Michael Jackson is not the only thing that wants to look like something unnatural. Check out this potato:

I thought it looked like some strange Klingon vessel or something. It would certainly pass a an extra large ginger root before it would pass as a potato. Anyway, my favorite from this year is a potato that looks like Bentley with his pants down (or Rabbit ears if you prefer to look at it upside down).

What do you think? Should Bentley and the potato go on the road as identical twins sepaerated at birth?


Anonymous said...

I love the baby B potato. So funny! Way to post! Now we expect one about Hawaii!

karisa said...

I apologize for barely checking back on your blog. I could have seen your funky potatoes here before I saw them at your house. Too funny.