Monday, January 15, 2007

Take this -

Nikkala made the best cinnamon rolls tonight... but she did it with the understanding that we would take them to the neighbors after FHE. Well, I didn't really want to take them to the neighbors, but I decided that if that meant I could have a cinnamon roll, it would be ok.

Well, after FHE we started out by taking some to the Davis family. They let us in and we talked for a few minutes, then they informed us that we had to leave because they were going to miss "24" and since they had no TiVo, we had to go. So off to the Turners we went.

We arrived at the Turners and fortunately they weren't tied to any particular television series, so they let us in. Aaron had to get stitches on his finger Sunday because VaNae sent him home during church to put the roast in the oven and he sliced his finger open (let that be a lesson to you all). So we told them that we brought cinnamon rolls over because of the finger (although it was beacuse I had to think of someone to take rolls to). Anyway, while we visited, Aaron took me back to the office and started to show me job openings at the INL. They all pay better than the Univ. of Idaho... tempting...

Anyway, to make a point to this post, while we were talking, we heard a scream coming from the other two parents who were watching Bentley and Violet (his girlfriend). Both Bentley and Violet had crawled over to the cat food bowl and were filling their faces with cat food as fast as they could.

Ok, so I thought cat food was made up of unmentionable animal pieces and undesirable meat that they wouldn't put in dog food. But it turns out that most cat foods are grain based and have animal ingredients added for nutrition. But for the most part it is either corn, rice, or soy. So I guess I'm not such a bad parent after all... I just didn't know at the time that he was just getting some needed nutrition (like taurine). So next time your kid eats cat or dog food, just let them. It is probably better for them than the stuff they eat off your floor!


Nikkala said...

And to set the story correct...

#1 The dads were supposed to be
watching both small children.

#2 There was no screaming.

#3 Neither one ate more than two pieces of cat food before I found them.

But Chod does make the story sound more exciting.

karisa said...

Bentley probably had to settle for cat food because he didn't get offered any of the cinnamon rolls the adults were hoarding.