Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Windiest City

Jolyn recently posted on her blog about how much she enjoyed Logan weather. I agreed with her but it got me to thinking... What is the average wind in Logan compared to other cities. Well, after doing some climate research I concluded that Logan does have less wind in the winter than Idaho and other areas, but it has much more than average wind in the summer. Take a look at these graphs and compare them to your own city by going to Citi-data and entering your city.

Logan, Utah (Where I will be living and working in the near future)

Aberdeen, Idaho (Where I work today)

Burley, Idaho (Where Nikkala grew up)

Rigby, Idaho (Where I grew up)

Rexburg, Idaho (BYU-Idaho -- the students would swear on the Bible that this is the windiest city in the US)

Chicago, Illinois (The Windy City -- for good reason)

Laramie, Wyoming (Just for comparison -- and to count your blessings)


deidra said...

I prefer my wind in the summer. Better then than when it's got the power to freeze off your little nose. Heaven bless those people in Laramie!

Jolyn said...

Yea, I second Deidra's comment. I count my blessings everyday that I don't live in Laramie...

Patty P said...

You've been tagged!

WEP said...

Chod, please pull your head out, your last post was Dec 11.
At least you could blog on your wonderful inlaws.